[Win] Files – File Manager for Windows - 开源的资源管理器


[Win] Files – File Manager for Windows - 开源的资源管理器



[Win] Files – File Manager for Windows - 开源的资源管理器插图

Introducing v2.1

  • Added a hotkey for playing audio and video in the preview pane by @TomaszSteblik in #6690
  • Added a toolbar button to empty recycle bin by @cinqmilleans in #6693
  • Set window title to be the same as the selected tab name by @gave92 in #6762
  • Added compatibility section to the properties window by @gave92 in #6691
  • Increased Native Read > 4096 limit by @d2dyno1 in #6852
  • Added native ARM64 Support by @gus33000 in #6901
  • Added support for Nextcloud by @gave92 in #7401
  • Detect Yandex.Disk cloud drive by @gave92 in #7406
  • Redesigned the properties window @yaichenbaum in #7416
  • Redesigned the settings dialog by @yaichenbaum in #6930
  • Increased icon size in the customization properties page by @timwenger in #7021
  • Added support for symbolic file links by @gave92 in #7006
  • Added clear all button to the ongoing tasks flyout by @petrjancar in #7025
  • Open new columns in the column layout on a single click by @yaichenbaum in #7470
  • Added keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+H) to show/hide hidden files by @guillaume-nizet in #7106
  • Import/export all settings into a zipped archive by @gave92 in #7078
  • Made active ongoing tasks appear at the top of the ongoing tasks flyout by @petrjancar in #7022
  • Remove delay of loading sidebar items and other services on startup by @winston-de in #7104
  • Mousewheel click opens new tab at selected path by @Raithlin in #7126
  • Open recycle bin & this pc in Files when set as the default file manager @gave92 in #7408
  • Open control panel in existing window when Files is set as the default file manager by @gave92 in #7456
  • Added experimental option to show folder sizes by @cinqmilleans in #7244
  • Add action on label click to change layout by @cinqmilleans in #7191
  • Show basic preview for recycle bin items by @winston-de in #7203
  • Added support for collapsing widgets on the homepage by @yaichenbaum in #7285
  • Extended click area to whole settings block by @d2dyno1 in #7336
  • Update tab titles using current navigation arguments by @jiejasonliu in #7333
  • Added subtle listview animation by @yaichenbaum in #7311
  • Added option to open Files on Windows startup by @esibruti in #7309
  • Improved the behavior when installing fonts by @gave92 in #7394
  • Improved keyboard navigation in the details layout by @gave92 in #7390
  • Improved keyboard navigation in the column layout by @gave92 in #7425
  • Improved the behavior of the taskbar jumplist by @Jaiganeshkumaran in #7141
  • Extended the rename textbox width in the details layout by @duke7553 in #7445
  • Do not block UI while loading drive properties by @gave92 in #7464
  • Properly toggle "permanent delete" check in confirmation dialog by @gave92 in #7500




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